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Privacy Policy

The "0km Apps" development studio knows that you care about how your personal information is used and passed on to third parties. We take your privacy seriously. This privacy policy is current on March 23, 2018 and may be updated in the future. So please watch for the changes.

All software products of the "0km Apps" studio do not operate in any way with any personal data identifying a particular user.

We do not collect, do not use and do not share such personal data as contact list, media files, email, any user id., user age, gender, IMEI etc.

Information we collect and use:

Out apps collect data, send to server and store in server. This data no way that does not identify a specific user.

These are the following types of data:

* Data for anonymous analysis of statistics of user activity (device screen resolution, Android OS version code, total game play time); * Data for analysis causes after app crashed (error code, device name, Android OS version, free memory size). All fault data is collected using the ACRA library; * Data for improve the game balance of our gaming applications (duration of a gaming sessions, user game progress, number of wins and fails); * Data for implementation of social functionality (game score, generated installation id, etc.); * Data for increase the list languages for UI localisation and improve the quality of supported language translation (selected UI language from list os supported languages, Android OS locale code).

When transferring any data to the server, we use only secure data transmission channels (HTTPS).


Our products use the Admob (AdMob Google Inc.) library for presenting adverts.

AdMob is an advertising service provided by AdMob Google Inc.

In order to understand Google's use of Data, consult Google's partner policy (https://www.google.com/policies/privacy/partners/).

Contacting Us:

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us at 0km.mobi@gmail.com.

E-mail address

If you contact us - we will only use your e-mail address to reply to your question.

Contact information

E-mail: 0km.mobi@gmail.com

Last updated: 2016-10-18